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Specialty Products

Specialty Products
Grade Application
APLC Aqua Coat for Playing Cards with High Slip
ASC Aqua Sealer Coat on metalized papers, plastics and polyethylene boards
AP-BP Board Primer for enhancing the printability of medium grade boards and paper products.
Labeling Industry
Grade Application
LB-AG20H Label pasting - Gloss bottles – High viscose – Distilleries
LB-AG20M Label pasting - Gloss bottles – Medium viscose –Fast drying Distilleries
Heat Seal LacquerHSL
Grade Application
PB24 Aluminum foil and Clear film coating. For Pharmaceutical capsule packing
PB35 Top lid coating. Used in Diary, Food and various other lids production. (High viscose and solid)
Acrylic Coatings
Grade Application
GV-741 Top coat of toys made with clay, pop and other natural raw materials to protect ink/paint.
GV-742 Top coat of plastic, metal articles to protect ink/paint.
GV-73 For full body pencil coating.
Flexi Tube/Plastic Card Industry
Grade Application
UVF1 UV Top Coat for offline as well as inline application - Plastic card
UD70 UV Duct matt coating. End of the press - Plastic card
UV2024 UV Top Coat for Dry Offset process. End of the press application. Gloss UV - Flexi tube

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